Reapplying = Job Search Magic!

I was SHOCKED to read this morning that in a recent poll, almost 40% of job seekers said they wouldn’t bother reapplying to a company they hadn’t heard back from!

These are missed opportunities, because the time needed to reapply is usually much less than that required for the initial application.

Reapplying demonstrates self-motivation, tenacity, and a genuine interest in a company –  factors that surely get the attention of HR departments and hiring managers.

Moreover, plenty of companies aren’t that well organized when it comes to hiring, so the REAL reason why they don’t reply to candidates is often because they simply haven’t gotten around to it!

I heard recently from a delighted client who landed a job after things hadn’t worked out with the initial hire, and the HR manager had called my client because of her perseverance.

Squeaky wheels WILL get the grease… so if you’re in job transition, keep your eyes on the prize and never lose hope!

Take the poll yourself!

Paul Raworth Bennett (Founder and Principal of NOVA Career Strategies) is a résumé expert, LinkedIn consultant, and Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategist (who was lucky enough to have Susan Chritton and Kirsten Vernon as his instructors).  If you want to star in your own career, Paul would be happy to connect with you via the NOVA Career Strategies website, his Twitter account, or through his LinkedIn page.


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