For Career Success, Look Beyond Social Media!

In many new and exciting ways, social media enables you to accelerate your career by making it easy to establish your credibility, build trust, and network effectively.  Nowadays, building and applying social media skills are essential to successful career management.

One of the best ways to gain social media expertise is to follow thought leaders such as those profiled by Inc. Magazine.

But in order to most successfully utilize social media, one must understand their roles as tools for achieving broader marketing objectives.  This means becoming familiar with online marketing, general marketing, and personal branding concepts.  Here are a few well-known experts:

Seth Godin Specialty: general marketing.  The author of more than 15 books, Seth has written extensively about the demise of traditional corporate/product/service marketing paradigms and on today’s critical need for a customer-centric focus.

David Meerman Scott Specialty: online marketing.  Since well before the advent of social media, David has unwittingly mentored many of today’s social media mavens.

William Arruda Specialty: personal branding.  One of the world’s top experts in personal branding (and one of its very first champions), William has a broad and deep understanding of how individuals can leverage social media to enhance their career success.

Because their expertise addresses social media’s broader context, these individuals can help us to use social media for our greatest benefit.  So if you want to truly appreciate the role that social media plays, you can start with these three thought leaders.

Paul Raworth Bennett (Founder and Principal of NOVA Career Strategies) is a résumé expert, LinkedIn consultant, and Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategist (who was lucky enough to have Susan Chritton and Kirsten Vernon as his instructors).  If you want to star in your own career, Paul would be happy to connect with you via the NOVA Career Strategies website, his Twitter account, or through his LinkedIn page.


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