Winning the Salary Negotiation Game

Hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars. That’s how much money that (cumulatively, over the course of your career) is at stake, depending on how well you play the salary negotiation game.  If you’re skilled at it, you’ll earn what you deserve; if you’re not, you may well end up getting fleeced. For … Continue reading Winning the Salary Negotiation Game


For *Real* Job Security, Hone Your Transferable Skills!

Note: this blog post is a contribution to LiveCareer's 2017 Job Action Day event. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick! (Of course, we’re talking here about Jill as well.)  The message of this 19th-century English nursery rhyme is that if you’re energetic and fast on your feet, you can defeat … Continue reading For *Real* Job Security, Hone Your Transferable Skills!