Beware the RMS LinkedIn!

Who remembers Myspace? A pioneering social networking website – focused on the music and video communities, and with a fascinating history – Myspace rocketed to fame in the early 2000s.  But then came Facebook (in 2004) and Myspace became a classic example of the folly of building one's entire social media presence in one place. At first, … Continue reading Beware the RMS LinkedIn!


14 Ways to Unchain Yourself from LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is excellent for increasing one's visibility, building one's credibility, and powering up one's self-marketing efforts while connecting with employers, clients, and many other parties. However, depending too much on LinkedIn is like "putting all your eggs in one basket", and the more LinkedIn dominates the professional networking space, the more we'll all have to play by LinkedIn's rules. Fortunately, many LinkedIn … Continue reading 14 Ways to Unchain Yourself from LinkedIn!